• Deck Board Junk Removal Maryland

  • deck board junk removal maryland

    Many homes in Maryland have decks on them. From time ti time these decks are in need of repair. Sometimes you can replace a few worn boards and all is good but other times you may need to replace all of the deck boards. When this happens you will need to get rid of the old worn boards. This is where our Maryland Junk Removal Experts can help. Deck boards can be quite heavy and for this reason the removal of them can cost slightly more. Dump Fees are per ton and a small deck can be 2000lbs or more which increases the dump fees. We can remove boards up to 10ft in length but do not worry if the deck boards are longer we can cut them onsite so we can fit more boards in our trucks and or trailers saving you money.

    We also offer deck removal services in Maryland. We can come out and remove the pieces of the deck or remove the whole deck leaving your home ready for a new deck installation. Our Deck removal prices and haul away can save you money but making one phone call to us. Our labor rates can be much lower than a deck builders rate so Call us today for a free estimate.

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  • Deck Board Junk Removal Maryland