• Construction Debris Removal MD

    construction debris removal mdHome Renovations can be an easy thing to do for your MD home and the construction debris removal can be an easy thing to do as well.
    Whether your remodeling your bathroom, Kitchen or finishing a basement our  MD junk removal experts can  help.

    Of the many things to consider when remodeling your  home is finding eco-friendly ways to manage the construction waste should top your list of ways to reduce your project’s environmental impact. As you contemplate the improved energy efficiency of your new appliances, purchase counter tops made from recycled materials and select low-VOC paint, keep in mind one large, often-overlooked thing: What will you do with the construction debris, fixtures and appliances you remove, and the rest of the so-called trash?

    Construction, demolition and remodeling typically create an enormous amount of waste. According to the most recent Environmental Protection Agency study, the waste generated during U.S. residential renovations during 1996 added up to more than 31 million tons. A major kitchen redo might generate more than 60 pounds of debris for each square foot, for a total of about 5 tons. A whole-house remodel could pile up a whopping 13 tons of waste. That’s a heap of construction debris  headed to the landfill, along with a heap of environmental concerns.

    A truly green remodel requires careful planning and management of the “leftovers.” Waste control takes more time and effort than money. To simplify it for you,Contact us for a free quote on eco friendly construction debris removal services on your next project